How To Install Logitech Webcam?

install logitech webcam

Logitech is an international company in South Africa. It deals with various peripherals software and computer devices. Logitech has invented a new webcam. A webcam is a computer peripheral device connected to the computer. It is a type of video camera that can stream video or image in a real-time network. The useful function of the webcam is to transmit pictures over the Internet. To know more about the Logitech webcam have a look below. Here, you will get all the information regarding installation, software, customer support number. Read More

How to connect Chromecast to Wi-Fi!

How to connect chromecastWhat is Chromecast and how it is related to technology? A Google Chromecast which have unique features and avail the best streaming using HDMI port. Is it possible to connect to Wi-Fi? There are many questions related to Chromecast have a look below to identify your doubt. There are simple steps how you can connect Chromecast to Wi-Fi. Read More

How to change the Wi-Fi name spectrum!!


Spectrum is a part of a technological device. The Internet package with a modem that will connect the local cable of your home is done by spectrum Internet. Now connecting computers and laptops through Internet had become easier. Wireless Internet requires a router also. The spectrum Wi-Fi name change how to do this, who can help you out? Have a look below to understand the detailed information about spectrum Wi-Fi and troubleshooting problem.

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How to Fixmestick Factory Upgrade on Windows or Mac

fixmestick factory upgrade

If the malware outperforms your antivirus utility, or if you forgot to install protection, the consequences can be unpleasant. While not as common as data encryption ransomware, some ransomware programs disable your PC until you pay. In some cases, malicious malware can interfere with the installation or running of antivirus software. That is where FixMeStick can help. Just insert the device, boot it into your Linux-based environment, and let it take care of the problem. It’s an excellent tool for those emergencies, but it won’t replace your regular antivirus.

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How to Solve Can’t log in to Netflix Problem?

Can't log in to Netflix

Netflix is one of the prominent video streaming platforms where numerous TV-series and movies are available. This is one of them in leading international platforms and is profited in many ways once any show is listing in the top 10. You can download the Netflix application in the play store, which is available for android, iOS, and Windows operating systems—following that you can connect your Netflix account through Wi-Fi and your favorite shows and movies on an LED screen TV. You can even connect through the web and watch on your personal computer and laptops. There are certain packages you could choose to purchase from and pay monthly to stream the videos.

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How Do I Set Up Netflix Using an Activation Code?

Netflix Activation

Are you aware of leading OTT or live streaming services? Of course you are, if not then let us tell you, OTT expands as Over-the-Top service in which television and film content are provided to the viewers direct through the internet which they can excess on several devices. There are numerous OTT platforms that you can enjoy; Netflix is the most prominent name among them. Being the largest OTT platform, Netflix is accessed throughout the world.

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