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Spectrum is a part of a technological device. The Internet package with a modem that will connect the local cable of your home is done by spectrum Internet. Now connecting computers and laptops through Internet had become easier. Wireless Internet requires a router also. The spectrum Wi-Fi name change how to do this, who can help you out? Have a look below to understand the detailed information about spectrum Wi-Fi and troubleshooting problem.

How to change the name and password?

Want to change the default Wi-Fi network name and password or spectrum device? Unable to access the name and password? Follow the given steps.

  • Use your smartphone to download my spectrum app. You can get the app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for Apple devices.
  • Open the app and fulfill all the terms and conditions mentioned over here.
  • Enter the password and username. Log in to the account at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can edit the network, view and get information regarding it.
  • Generate a new password and network name.
  • Click on the Save button and you are done.

That spectrum Wi-Fi name change is done using the following above steps.

When you can contact Spectrum customer care number? +1(888)-294-0885

Suppose you are done with the following steps and still unable to set or change the Wi-Fi name and password. This time you can call the spectrum support number. It is a toll-free number which you can get from the Internet. They will guide you for further settings. They will guide you with the factory settings. The following steps to reset a router.

  • For any router, you can find the reset button. Hold on for 30 seconds and release the button.
  • Wait for a few minutes to get the power back on.
  • You can type the router IP address in the web browser and search the field.
  • Enter the username and password when prompted.
  • Visit the system tools and find the factory default or restore options.
  • Click on the reset button and confirm, it will automatically start rebooting.

Suppose you contact spectrum customer care number +1(888)-294-0885 they will guide you in this way.

What are the benefits of spectrum home Wi-Fi?

There are certain benefits if you avail spectrum Wi-Fi at your home. Read the following benefits to understand In a better way.

  • This will help you to connect multiple devices at one time. It is quite convenient and will match the mobility nature.
  • The wireless network is compatible with every device. You can access it on the Internet. For local area network cable connected to the Internet, it’s impossible for such devices.
  • Suppose the wire is spread you don’t have to cover up or hide the wire. You can use the Wi-Fi extender to get better signal strength. Spectrum support number will solve the problem of your device.

Facing troubleshooting issue?

The troubleshooting issue might be for various reasons. Whenever you experience such problem contact technical support. Spectrum Internet troubleshooting problem is quite common. Have a look below for such type of scenario.

Internet speed

You might feel that your Internet speed is slower as compared to the usual speed. Suppose you notice this applies to a troubleshooting solution.

The Internet equipment

Suppose your spectrum internet equipment is not working properly. You need to visit the spectrum account and click on the internet option. Choose router or modem and experience the issue correctly. You can click on the reset equipment option. Once it is done the internet connection will be restored and the minor bugs will be solved.

Reset internet-connected device

Suppose spectrum internet equipment is not doing the job properly. You can restart the internet-connected device. This will improve the overall speed and performance of internet connectivity. Turn off the device for 30 seconds and again restart it you will find the internet connection is working well.

Customer service

After trying all the options spectrum Internet troubleshooting problem is not resolved. Contact your cable operator or customer support service. Call them directly to resolve the problem. Nowadays video call option is available easily. They will determine the problem and will help you out with a proper and exact solution on calling itself.

Reboot spectrum modem and Wi-Fi router

You can try to reboot the spectrum modem and Wi-Fi router. Plug out the modem and the cable for few seconds. Suppose minor bugs occur then the problem will be resolved. For major issues, the rebooting option will not be suitable.


Till now you are aware of Spectrum internet use. Go through the above points if you want to deal with a troubleshooting problem. No issue if you want to reset the name or password of spectrum Wi-Fi. All the points are mentioned over here. The technological era has given us chance to use the best devices. Deal with it and solve all queries in a single go. Contact customer support for the all-time problem.

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