What Channels do you get with Spectrum & Premium Channels on Spectrum?

Time warner cable customer serviceThe contract gives a full channel manually for the majority of its local domains that covers what diverts are accessible in each bundle, which fluctuate provincially.

To see which channels are accessible, basically enter your location and ZIP code in the discourse boxes; this enables Charter’s Website to pull the right data. Clients are then given a rundown of each direct the supplier offers in the locale in lattice group with markers to indicate which diverts are incorporated into every level.


It is likewise conceivable to channel the rundown down to just directs recorded in specific bundles.

To do this, pick the bundle you wish to see recorded starting from the drop box over the channel list. These incorporate essential Select, Silver and Gold bundles and motion picture channels, (for example, Starz and HBO), computerized music channels, membership administrations, (for example, grown-up and sports programming) and non-English language programming, (for example, Latino View and TV Japan). Clients can flip the same number of these channels on or off as required.

A link member is a gold mine of amusement nowadays, with many channels to browse. Lamentably, link charges frequently feel more like land mines than gold mines, on account of all the administrative expenses and duties associated with conveying that stimulation to us all.

Time Warner Cable Customer Service

To help clear up any perplexity and evade shocks, we’ll walk you through all the different charges and expenses you may see on your Spectrum bill and clarify the what and why of each. If you happen to call the wrong number, don’t worry—you can be reconnected to the correct time warner cable customer service number.

About Spectrum, Charter, Time Warner Cable, and Brighthouse Networks

Only a brisk note before we make a plunge: as you see Spectrum bundles, you may see notices of Charter, Time Warner Cable, or Brighthouse Networks, contingent upon where you live. That is on the grounds that Spectrum is the consequence of a merger between these three link organizations.

Enormous mergers require some serious energy, and Spectrum is as yet working out some marking consistency issues. Simply know that these are all a similar organization now, and you’ll maintain a strategic distance from any disarray.

Summary of Spectrum TV Fees

Broadcast TV Fee$8.85 per month
Professional Installation$49.99
Reconnection Fee$4.99
DVR Equipment Rental$11.99 per month
DVR Service Package (up to 4 DVRs)Up to $19.99 per month
DVR Service Fee (1 DVR)$12.99 per month
HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax®$15.00 each per month
Late Payment Fee$8.95
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