Why is my Roku remote blinking and not working?

Roku Remote Not Working

Roku remote blinking but not working. Why is it so? Well, it is not a unique problem as it is the common one. Firstly figure out which type of remote you have, this can be known by opening the battery compartment of the remote. If there is a dual or pairing button then it means you have an advanced “point anywhere Button” and if you don’t have such pairs of a button then it means you have less fancy IR remote. Roku remoter not working.

How to fix the standard IR Roku remote?

Solution 1. Check the signals first as the possibility can be the blockage of the signals
This problem can be caused due to the blocking of signals which might be making the way from the remote to your streaming device. So, go and remove any object which is by mistake placed in front of the Roku.if then also the device doesn’t work then see for the next solution.

Solution 2. Adjust or reset your batteries
There might be some possibility that arranging the batteries again works out or simply change the batteries and see if it works or not AA or AAA size batteries required depending on your remote.

How to fix enhanced “point anywhere” Roku remote

Solution no 1. Just restart your remote and Roku device
1. Open the compartment section of your remote located at the backside and then remove the batteries.

2. then, remove the power cable of your Roku device.

3. Hold on for at least 5 minutes after you remove your power cable and then insert in the back.

4. If you see the Roku home screen on your television then you may put the batteries back into the remote.

5. Just wait for 30 seconds more in order to get the connection established and then click on the button to see if it works or not.

Solution 2. Next technique is to re-pair the remote
1. Firstly open the compartment section and remove the batteries
Then, remove the power cable of your Roku device

2. Just hold on for 5 min after removing the power cable and then you may plugin.

3. When you see the Roku home screen on your television, then simply put the batteries back into the remote.

4. For three seconds press and hold on to the pairing button situated in the battery compartment until the pairing light on the remote starts to flash.

Solution 3. change the batteries
1. Change the batteries from the remote and power cable from the Roku device.
2. Hold on for 5 seconds and then insert the cable again.
3. When you see the home screen appearing on your television insert the new batteries into the remote and see if the issue still persists.

Follow All this solutions step by step and see if it is working for you or not. Read it carefully and before that understand your problem, then go for the right solution for it. It will definitely work for you then.

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  • Mike Rowley| August 26, 2019

    I can’t access channels on my roku except YouTube and Amazon Prime. If I try i get “bounced” back to roku homepage.

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